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Our head baker is amazing. Her name is Kat Wright-Graham.

If you only have a second to read this, she needs a kidney.

Here’s why—and what we can all do today to help her and others find the organ donations they so desperately need. Kat is fighting Lupus. If you’re unfamiliar with Lupus, it’s an inflammatory disease caused by the body attacking its own tissues. It comes in many forms but deteriorated kidney function is a common symptom. It’s what Kat is facing while on daily dialysis and fighting fatigue. Big Grove is honored to support Kat in every way possible. Today we hope you’ll join in with us.

You can learn more about Kat, her story as a baker fighting Lupus, and the impact of becoming an organ donor here.

Friday, February 25, 2022, we released Bobkat, a pastry stout brewed in her honor. It’s inspired by Babka cake, her favorite baked goodie with cinnamon and chocolate swirls. The beer is available at our Iowa City and Solon breweries in 500 mL bottles. We even have some Babka cake loaves donated by our friends at Deluxe Bakery that we’re giving out with the first 25 beers that are purchased. And whether stouts are your thing or not, we hope you’ll consider becoming an organ donor. Organ donation is important and it saves lives.

Loaves of love to you all 💝

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