Squeeze Hard Seltzer

Meet Our Freshly-Squeezed Hard Seltzer

Big Grove likes it fresh. So we’re rockin’ with four fresh-squeezed flavors of Squeeze, our new gluten-free hard seltzer. Find your favorite in our mixed pack of Pineapple Kick, Wild Raspberry, Blood Orange, and Lime Cooler.

With just 98 calories, 1G carb, and 0G sugar, we’re here to deliver the Big Grove goods to those that want something a little different than sours, IPAs, and lagers. These fresh flavors are now all available in a variety pack, as well as inside your favorite restaurants, bars, and grocery aisles. So grab that squeeze box and get out there!

Oh and hey — more flavors are in the works, developed right here by our family at Big Grove. Squeeze Righteously, friends!