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Coming Soon: More Beer!

Coming Soon: More Beer!

New production facility will increase capacity by more than 50 percent, adding approximately 68,000 barrels 

Iowa City, IA (September 29, 2023): Big Grove Brewery announced new capacity, equipment, and capabilities expansion plans, a project that will increase the brewery’s production by more than 50 percent in 2024. 

Instead of a physical extension on the existing Iowa City brewery taproom structure or a new building, the capacity expansion is being built at the site of the former Goodwill Distribution Center, 3825 Liberty Drive, nestled in a commercial district on Iowa City’s east side. 

Added production was ideal for a few reasons, notes Andy Joynt, Big Grove’s Director of Brewing, "Having our beer delivered across Iowa requires regular, daily visits from trucks and trailers to our brewery. Our parking lot at the Iowa City Brewery & Taproom isn’t ideal for this type of traffic and this new location is better suited to keep the beer moving.” Joynt adds, “And most importantly, this expansion allows us a much-needed increase in brewery production space to help avoid out-of-stock shelves."

The new expansion, “The Hop Lot” consists of 30,000 square feet of existing space plus newly added 11,250 square feet, complete with 35’ high ceilings to accommodate a more extensive brewhouse system. The brewery plans to brew year-round fan favorites like Citrus Surfer, the Eddy family, and Jam Sour series at this new location.

The updated brewing facility plans to be more energy efficient, utilizing upgraded equipment and technology. It's anticipated that 20 coworkers will operate the production facility, and five more production brewery jobs will be added within the next year. While not open to the general public, industry and specially arranged tours will be available. 

Andy noted, “The added production capacity allows restoring the existing Iowa City Taproom footprint to a more manageable and maneuverable space. The project enables Big Grove to bring back limited time-honored favorites like Color TV and Into the Woods, while also opening us up to crafting more of the experimental brews that we've been craving."

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