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Ever wonder who bakes all our buns and breads? Head Baker, Kat Wright Graham and her amazing team of bakers! They usually starts their days between 2:00-3:00am. Kat does this while also fighting the challenges of having lupus, a complex disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue instead of fighting infection. Her kidney function is deteriorating and won’t improve on
its own, dramatically impacting her freedom to live a life free of dialysis. Kat is currently waiting out the years-long non-living donor list or a generous individual steps up to donate their matching O+ kidney. Learn more about the process to become a donor here. 
In honor of Kat, we brewed a pastry stout to help raise awareness and help Kat and Iowans in their search for a donor. This beer is a sweet, rich, over-the-top pastry stout fashioned after babka dessert, flavored to taste like a braided dessert bread. We're talking large quantities of cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate. The release will be limited to 250 bottles and only be available in Solon and Iowa City. 
update: Bobkat Pastry Stout is currently sold out

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